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01:13pm 10/08/2004
  okay i went to schoola nd i got my schedual el yay..not i have to take 9th grade gym over again el freaking yay and im in a 9th grade homeroom frekaing A why did huss hvae to suck balls..no idea but i have a class with sarah and that rocks my socks and ill get over the punie ninth graders ..ill just kick them the end

oh and um..rane might come over
and HI BRYAN the end

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11:31pm 09/08/2004
i have nothing else better to do and i wanan beat bryan so here goes

rane- i love him to death my best frined and my boyfriend

bryan - holy crap my best freaking guy friend of all freaking time( freaking)

david-he has wanderful advice nad i concider him one of my good friends

Jamie- your so freaking funny nad i think your becomming a great friend

jessica- i miss you and my best friend in gastonia

duckie- a great friend and im so glad were still friends and i miss you terribly

nick-your an odd one but im glad i moved becuase i get to be with you!

sarah- your rad and like my best girlfriend here at north becuase you rock my socks

marcie- your such a great person and im so glad we became friends its been an awsome party partaying with you it sucks i moved because i miss you

jessica ( jordys ) - i had so much fun with you that week and your so freakinga wsome i wish the best for you and jordy

jordy- your way neat and a litlte fruity but i still love you dearly

amanda- ive known you like most of my life well 14 years of it and weve been through so much your so frekaing awsome and i lvoe hanging out with you

alex- cant forget about you lol your a great friend and im glad were still friends maybe ill get to go to the same school and we can hang out wish you and rane would be friends again

brittany - im glad we became friends again and i hope we cna tlak more

megan- your such a good friend to me and i had so much fun with you last year im gonna be here for you with your boyfriend in all i hope that all works out because your awsome and funny and its way rad

jed- i dont know if were really that close n e more but i wish we would tlak more becuase i thin kyour awsome nad you mean a whole lot to me

ramsey- your like my best friend from alexander i have so much fun with you and i wish i could see you mroe often too bad your going to a chirstian school maybe you should behave lol jk i love you

beth - im glad me and you still tlak because your really fun and helpful i hope we have gym again together because ilkl have no one to slack off with !!! i hope you and justin work out!!

courtney - geez i miss you so much your like awsome nad im glad we finally became friends im sorry that i moved i miss you lots nadi hope everyhting goes good i wont be able to see you for a while but youra wsome and just know that im really glad we became friends your so funny and nice and your great to hang out with

gwen - hehe your so funny nad my wife and i love you..the end

david - your great nad im glad were stillf riends

kristen- thanks for stickin up for me your a great person inside out go get em tiga

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06:23pm 08/08/2004
  okay that got way otuta hand and i dindt do n ething here ims orry but shannon has been in the wrong all she needs to do is not say a word about me and stop lieing nad leave rane alone...the end

bryan your awsome
rane i love you
the end

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okay if yall are wandering what happened   
11:44am 04/08/2004
mood: dirty
i decided i wanted to move back because
#1 the schools are so much better here crack heads were getting 100's at that school and so was i
#2 all my friends are here bryan david amanda ramsey sarah nick brandon alex everyone
#3 rane is here
#4 if i get mad at one of my family members i have places i can go and vent and stuff and like there im stuck with that bitch ass amy

and i told my dad all teh reasons and my stepmom was like can i come in and ocne my stepmom walked in my dad got mad at me and left nad my step mom said i had to leave no matter what since i had mentioned it like i might not have been able to becuase of credits for school and she was like whatever ya know and so i packed all my stuff and she was like come in here nad talk and i sat down and my dad started cussing me out i ran out and was lik ei hate you nad he said i fucking hate you to and iwas outside int eh rain crying and sherry came over and was like whats wrong na di was crying so much i dont think she could understand me i was really glad that she cared though and my stepmom was like sherry get away from her anna stop makin a seen and i came back in ive never seen my dad liek that nad amy wouldnt let my mom or my sister talk to me and s othey came and got me now im back at my moms

i get to see rane today!! yay! and hes commin over all weekend and um..i saw the village last night and itwas rad the end

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10:50am 03/08/2004
  i moved back to my moms...my dad started cryin and saidthat he f-in hated me and f me nad stuff..i dont think he loves me n emore .. i didnt mean to hurt him i really didnt..they took my cell phone away but im back with all my friends and rane yay  

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freaking A   
01:50pm 02/08/2004
mood: crappy
this so freaking sucks everyones freaking away message says warped tour BUT NOO O my dad has to be gay and say i cant go this frezking sucks i was looking foward to it all freaking year but NOOO freaking NOOO ugh ugh ugh im gonna die and i got pictures of my dog but im gonna di ebecause i wnated to go he said i could go to the wienie roast for 106.5 that should be fun but thats it this is cahrayzee i had a freaking ride to..afreaking ride...freaking...a...freaking...fhaorhe09w8y5982370948y3udwjlfj-8210y4r hew ;lkjub894-n542g p9tpffjn mr.fs f FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck fuck

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more more more   
08:48pm 01/08/2004
  winky took a bath and now heres a picture ( s ) of her
i wuv winkyCollapse )

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i got like 3784237843 billion million pictures of him look!!   
03:57pm 01/08/2004
mood: creative
i got a picture of winky..yay..yay...yay

WINKY!!Collapse )

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11:58am 01/08/2004

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08:48pm 31/07/2004
mood: excited
this week has been so much fun ive spent it with rane all week me nad him wrestled today omg i had so much fun i love him to death it sucks schools starting but my parents are reconcidering the warped tour thing im so excited i really wanted to go and they had to be gay lol its okay though we can always pray :-D and suck up ... lol well ill talk to you peopl elater im gonna try and make a new profile thing but i dunno yet

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10:04pm 28/07/2004
  omg i had so much fun at the mall with rane and bryan
  •  + we were makin things squeek all at one time at spencers and the whole thing fell down the girl was mad " thats why you dont make all of them squeek" and we ran
  •  + we went into pac sun and stood on eachother to get a hat in the process everything fell ( we lose )
  •  + we got on a little mary go round and went around in circles ( so much fun )
  • + made one of the tables move all over the place in the food court :-D
  • + i got bryan a phone number!!! shes pretty too!!
  • - me and rane went and got mug shots done and the thing never came back
  •  + i was waiting on them sitting on the floor for the pictures to come and i found a used condom on the floor and scrame bloody murder and the surcity gaurd came over and said that we had to call to get hte pictures
  •  + rane was sliding donw the polls and got in trouble
  •  + me nad rane walked into the family bathroom and there was a tiny seat like 3 inches offa the ground with pee all over it
  • + i got so excited about a play ground i ran and i dindt see the little hill and fell flat on my face:-D

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yay everyone do it!!   
03:13pm 24/07/2004
  My name is ________.
I ____ Anna.
Anna is ____.
If i were alone in a room with Anna, i would _____.
i think Anna should _____.
Anna needs ______.
Anna will never ____.
i want to _____ Anna.
When i think about Anna, I _____.
someday Anna will _____.
Anna reminds me of _____.
without Anna,i _____.
Memories of Anna are _____.
Anna can be ______.
worst thing about Anna is ____.
best thing about Anna is ____.
Anna _____.
can i _____ you, Anna?

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hidie ho   
10:12am 24/07/2004
  my mom made spaghetti last night :-D that made me happy not getting to see rane till sunday :'( made me very sad lol omg yall im so sorry for that on teh kissing thing it really was liek no big deal im sorry i brought it all and i dont see why hes focusing it all on jessica i think shes had enough of it so if he has something else to say he can talk to me about it...i dont bite..:-D lol I LOVE YOU JESSICA!! and gwen and rane and danny and bryan and jordy and amanda nad the other jessica and everyone i wub you sprend da love  

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i stole this from brittney ( sorry )   
10:28pm 23/07/2004
  true love is when you miss him even before he leaves
it's when you could listen to him talk all night
and never get tired of hearing his voice
it's when the thought of his name gives u butterflies
and you think of him everyime you close your eyes
these feelings are irreplaceable

I LOVE YOU RANE this seriosuly is exactly how i feel about him geez... i miss him

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12:04am 23/07/2004
  this week has been crazy everyone has come over for like ever im at my moms right now i went through all this toruble jsut to see alex for like 3 mins lol but i have 20 dollars so i win... lol i think im gonna go get some taco bell tomrorow yay!! my hairs pink and i had so much fun ..umm the end? it hink im going to liquid records this weekend but i dont know..and ranes commin home early ic ant wait im gonna spend everymoment with him I LOVE HIM SO MUCH the end  

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12:37pm 22/07/2004

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omg this week has been Cah Ray ZEE   
02:03pm 21/07/2004
  jessica and jessica nad bryan and courtney and jordy and duckie have all done something this week im racking up we died my hair pink with blue stripes and its freaking awsome lol its like bright pink umm..i went ot hte mountains with duckie and winky an thats about it im either going to the mountains to see RANE!! or staying and going camping i really wanan see rane bcause i miss him bunches  

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11:41pm 15/07/2004
  i went on the boat wif sarah autumn and bryan and it was fun the end  

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01:35pm 14/07/2004
mood: chipper
my boy bryan and friendsCollapse )

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12:17pm 13/07/2004

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